Monthly Archives: July 2010

Social Smurf: A Social Media Plugin for SMF

Live Example Source Code SocialSmurf XAP (rename from .zip to .xap) PluggableSmoothStreamingPlayer XAP (rename from .zip to .xap) Intro July 7th marked the release date of the 2nd version of the Silverlight Media Framework, aka SMF, aka the Smurf. It was such a big deal that everyone took Monday off of work and celebrated over […]

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Geolocation Search with SQL Server

As some of you may know, as a side project, I’m building an app that involves geo-location and social media.  When I went to build the geo-location part of the app my requirements were pretty simple.  I have people in my application with lots of GPS data and given a specific GPS coordinate, maybe where I’m […]

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